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What to Buy for Valentine’s Day

Is it already here? Well almost. It’s easy to forget Valentine’s Day during the cold, grey days of February. But have no fear, the Heart Cart team have a few suggestions for getting it right. Below are a few of our favourite deals (no reason not to save a little on the one you love). So get shopping!


Nothing says love like chocolate – Additional £10 Off Bundles at Thorntons

While chocolate can feel like a Valentine’s Day cliche, if done right it’s a fantastic gift. If you aren’t sure what your loved one likes…get a selection…if you do know, then definitely try to get it right!  Making chocolate for more than 100 years, a discount at Thorntons is money well spent.

Lingerie…Still a Classic

Again, we know, chocolates, lingerie, all so obvious. Well it all depends on the source of course. New lingerie brands such as Bluebella are classics with a fresh twist at affordable prices. Bluebella is offering users of Heart Cart an exclusive 15% discount.


While we are at it, yes, alcohol! But, again with a twist, a great idea for your loved one is a wine club. On Heart Cart you can find £20 off your first case of wine.

Author: Shannon Edwards