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How to Start Planning for Some Sunshine NOW

If you are like us, regardless of where in the country you live, the fact that the dark mornings and grey Winter days are slowly leaving us behind is reason for much excitement. With Easter around the corner, it’s actually the perfect time to make travel plans.

Where to start is often what holds us back from making plans. If you are one of those organised few who have plans made into 2018, you can stop reading now! For the rest of us, here are a few tips to get your started:

What makes you (and your travel partners) happy

It seems like such a simple and obvious thing to say, but sometimes we don’t stop to take a deep breath and say ‘this is what I love to do…’ Are you happy with sun, sea and cocktails at sunset; or are you more at home with snow, skis and the wind running through your hair? Grab a few magazines, do a bit of searching online and start with what makes you and your family or friends happiest. Also on the list, consider a few other issues: are you happy to fly long haul? Do you prefer to drive? Will you relax if you need to self cater? Or are you willing to economize if you are going to be pampered? Will you exercise or lie prone for hours on end? Especially when you spent time thinking about others, you forgot how important to start with what you want.

Source: Thomson Holidays

Find the Right Deals!

Well, you thought we’d never mention it, right? Yes, finding the right deals is what we do and there are plenty to choose from. Especially if you work in the public sector you can find year-round discounts. While there are a few right now on the Heart-Cart site, including from Thomson, First Choice, Virgin Atlantic, Malmaison, Village Hotel Club,, Radisson Blu, to name a few, the key is that sector discounts are widely available. They might be hard to find (cue – but the best way if unsure is to call the holiday company or hotel chain and ask. Don’t be shy – regardless of what you do as a public sector employee – you give back to society so many brands want to return the favour.

Read, Read, Read

Long live the travel blogger, they have made our lives so much easier. If you’ve never sought out the information available via bloggers, you are definitely missing out. Why? Because not only are these intrepid travelers keen to give you all of the inside scoop about a given location, but they often have a strong point of view that makes the information even more invaluable. For instance they might be parents, retired or sports enthusiasts. Find someone who is ‘like you’ and you’ll find the information they provide is even more valuable.

Pack Now

Well, not really, but one of the best tips ever told to our team is to look for deals on end-of-season Summer clothes and accessories while it is still Winter and stock up.  You can find great discounts NOW on swimwear, active wear and shoes (shhhhh, great sandals on sale now at Fitflop and clearance swimsuits that flatter at Figleaves) Even if items are on sale, it’s still a good idea to choose neutral colors and high quality materials. And when it comes to packing time, less is more. Repeat after me ‘LESS IS MORE’ – there is nothing worse than spending half your time on holiday packing, unpacking and keeping track of this and that. Especially if you are on a beach holiday, you don’t need to do much more than your beachwear and a couple of outfits for dinners out.



And back to the deals we go! Not to end on a down note, but it’s so very easy to spend more than you want or need to whilst on holiday. Often we have ‘holiday goggles’ on and something that you’d gasp at when home, seems okay while on holiday (…£10 tiny unappealing cocktails anyone?) Before you are caught up in the fun of it all – before you’ve even left home – be sure to budget out what seems reasonable to spend on food, drink and entertainment. And make sure you allocate a certain amount for health and safety. If you are going to be safer taking an expensive taxi, then do it, it will be a much better spend in the end than on that bad cocktail.

Source: First Choice

Author: Shannon Edwards