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March 23, 2017 / by Shannon Edwards">Shannon Edwards / No Comments

Playful Cashmere and more – time to check out Chinti and Parker

In addition to providing our public sector users with fantastic discounts, we are also passionate about fostering a discovery of brands you might not yet know about. One of our favourites is Chinti and Parker. Renowned for their playful cashmere statement sweaters, the London-based luxury brand launched in 2009 to bring a new level of […]

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How to Start Planning for Some Sunshine NOW

If you are like us, regardless of where in the country you live, the fact that the dark mornings and grey Winter days are slowly leaving us behind is reason for much excitement. With Easter around the corner, it’s actually the perfect time to make travel plans. Where to start is often what holds us […]

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New Offer – 20% Off Sale at America’s Bloomingdale’s

The world of online shopping has grown smaller and what was once a luxury of trans-Atlantic travel can now be yours from home. US-based department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue offer some of the best deals available on brands familiar and new. Even though the currency exchange isn’t what it […]

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New Face Of NHS! #StayWellThisWinter

You may have seen him while sniffling and shuffling to work in the morning via bus, tube or on the NHS website. ‘He’ is pharmacist Roger Humbles, one of the faces of this year’s NHS campaign encouraging consumers to ask the pharmacist at the first signs of illness rather than heading to the GP or […]

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3D Printing Technology to Give Little Girl New Ear

A little girl from Lanarkshire will receive a new ear after a landmark surgery that will take place at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh before Christmas. Nine-year-old Anya Storie was born with a condition, called microtia, that causes the outer part of her right ear to not fully develop and causes some hearing […]

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A Million Reasons to Love the NHS from #NHSMillion

As we have begun our Heart Cart journey into celebrating and rewarding the public sector, our team has been asking friends and family to tell us their stories and those they have heard about. As such we’ve come across the brilliant NHS Million campaign – a group of wonderful communicators who wanted to hear more […]

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Must-Have Product Alert – Holy Hatchimals

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, you have probably caught wind of the Hatchimal craze circling the globe. And on top of this, if you are someone who remembers parents brawling to get a hold of a Cabbage Patch Doll, grab a paper bag and breath deeply.   If you want to know […]

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No Longer Just for Silly Filters – Snapchat Used in Surgery

An accomplished surgeon with a passion for teaching and exploiting new technologies performed a hernia repair surgery last week using a pair of Snapchat Spectacles. Dr. Shafi Ahmed’s glasses are fitted with a camera that records in 10-second clips (…no he didn’t stop operating every 10 seconds but had someone instead push the button in […]

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Sector Happenings – Christmas Joy From the NHS

The committed friends, family, neighbours and others working for the NHS protect, heal, support and guide us in so many ways. Often we lose sight of the fact that the NHS is 1.2 million strong and one of the world’s largest employers. Not only do the professionals of the NHS spend their time caring for […]

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December 12, 2016 / by robert / No Comments

Tips For Shopping Online This Christmas

1. Sign up to receive emails from every shop you love Email is often the way retailers communicate deals and the most competitive shoppers are ready to click and buy as soon as the email comes through. So don’t miss out but only catching the email a few hours later. Even better, monitor the time […]

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